Vajayjay AKA Jangleezy Mendelson Esq

Vajayjay is my slave name.

Luchduine Tintreach Cléireach!


Str 14
Dex 14
Con 13
Int 10
Wis 16
Cha 8
Alignment: Lawful
Background: Folk Hero

I was born not long ago in the Barony of Hawksbill in the shadow of The Forbidden Peak with a littermate, Olo Olo. I, Vajayjay grew up as a vaguely criminal street person, pick pocketing stealing food, antics, you know Disney criminal shit. I was a Robin Hood type and stood up to the Corrupt Sheriff Billy Boy and was severely beaten personally by Baron Roscoe McKinish and jailed, which only made my renown grow, in prison I found *god* and was given the name Jangleezy Mendelson Esq. by my most holiest of lords *LORD GOD ON HIGHEST* and became a cleric. I will never forget or stop seeking revenge against Roscoe all while trying to help reform my brother to his way of thinking.

While exiting my transport vessel from the south I witnessed Claudia, a Half Ogre and TorTor, a Ratman man on the docks crying over the loss of all their crew mates and a mule named Fred, I comforted them and said I would bring the mule back, none of the people though. Claudia gave me a Drug Rug made by her Hippy Half Ogre mom.

I will not be deterred from my revenge on Baron Roscoe Mckinish

I also am a competent jeweler and my small hands make very finely detailed pieces. I have made quite a bit of ching in my time from the trade but I lost my tools and money but I'll be purchasing some new ones when I can afford it. I like rings and I often make rings out of coins to give to people I meet.

Some things of interest I have picked up

Is it silly to collect things, my *god* says NO!


1 vial of black inky liquid from a Darkmantle
1 vial of Mimic goo
1 vial of ashes from a room with a sarcophagus.
5 random vials of formaldehyde from a room with animated hands.
1 vial of slime from a room of rot.
1 vial of water from a healing spring, it makes me talk funny
1 vial of salt from a room with damaging salt.
1 mushroom in a jar
1 jar with a small fish from the magic pond in formaldehyde.

Used/what happened

Powdered tendrils and roots that sucked up vials of unknown liquids/ vaporated by a security gate.


I'm goona make it so dry for you.

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