Over the years kobold merchants have brought information on the world.

The elves remain elusive and aggressively defend the northern forests they claim. Very few outsiders have seen the interior of the elven forests. The elves typically shun the new technologies.

The dwarves have rebuilt vast cities and mine complexes. The dwarven philosophy on the new technologies closely matches the kobolds. The dwarves have particularly embraced technologies with military and mining uses.

The gnomes have rebuilt cities and towns. Of the elder races the gnomes have embraced the new technology the most. They have become very proficient in the use of alchemy.

The goblins of Tonsasnak have rebounded and rival some of the smaller human city states. The goblins offer the world two things access to there mines and mercenaries. Many of the human armies are made up of large groups of goblins. The goblins like the dwarves have embraced technologies with military and mining uses.

Over the years the halflings of Tonsasnak have become more aggressive and tribal. They have retreated to the southern jungles were they live in small tribal groups. Other than that little is known for few people travel into the jungles and fewer still return from the jungles.

The humans have built vast city states. The humans have largely formed into two camps. Those who embrace technology and those who shun it in favor of magic.

The handful of dragons that survived withdrew to the smaller continents where they remain secluded. The effects from the link to Limbo are still felt in the weather making ocean voyages particularly deadly.

The large island claimed by the necromancer Omon has become a haven for sentient undead making trips there very unwise.

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