Tonsasnak was a world ruled by dragons and your tribe, the Faylied, were the messengers of the dragons.

About 1000 years ago Drexore a powerful chaos dragon preformed a series of rituals that linked the plane of Limbo with Tonsasnak. Drexore's allies the slaad came pouring thru to Tonsasnak. This was the start of the Chaos war. The war raged for many years culminating with the final battle on the slopes of Mount Toom. Mount Toom was left a smoking crater with the lawful creatures defeating the creatures of chaos.

The final battle severed the link bto Limbo but the years that the link was open changed Tonsasnak severely. The very essence of Limbo caused mountain ranges to disappear, new mountains to appear and vast crevasses to form. The world now does not resemble the world from before the war. The known world now consists of one large continent, two smaller continent, and a large island.

The handful of dragons that survived withdrew to the two smaller continents leaving the large continent to the remaining survivors. The elves withdrew to a large forest in the northern part of the continent. The dwarves, gnomes, and kobolds withdrew underground. The remaining races began rebuilding on the surface of the large continent. A powerful necromancer claimed the large island.

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