Firearms (all simple weapons)

General rules

Firearms can be made with the "Craft: Firearms" skill.

Black powder weapons

Fired once, reload as full round action. (Move action with the rapid reload feat.)

weapon cost damage range weight type size capacity
Pistol 25gp 1D8/1D10 x3 50' 3lbs Piercing light 1 round
Rifle 50gp 1D10/1D12 x3 150' 10lbs Piercing ?? 1 round
Bullets and powder 1gp n/a n/a 1lbs n/a n/a 10 shots
Goblin Tunnel Sweeper (see notes) ??? special 30' 10lbs Piercing ?? 1 shot

The Goblin Tunnel Sweeper has ten barrels and fires all simultaneously. When fired the weapon effects a 30 foot cone.(Roll to hit each target in the cone. Precision based damage does not apply) On a natural 1 the weapon does not fire and is rendered inoperable until repaired. Everyone within a 15' radius of the weapon is deafened for 1d4 rounds. The tunnel sweeper takes 10 rounds to reload.

Smokless powder weapons

Fired multiple times before reloading, move action to reload. (Free action with rapid reload feat.)

weapon cost damage range weight type size capacity
Revolver 50gp 2D4/2D6 x2 30' 3lbs Piercing light 6 rounds
Rifle 100gp 2D6/2D8 x2 80' 8lbs Piercing ?? 5 rounds
Bullets 1gp n/a n/a 1lbs n/a ?? 10 rounds

Applicable feats

NAME Book and page number
Able Sniper RotW p148
Bowslinger Und p24
Crossbow Sniper PH2 p77
Dead-eye Shot PH2 p78
Far Shot PH p94
Improved Precise Shot PH p96
Improved Rapid Shot CWar p101
Point Blank Shot PH p98
Precise Shot PH p98
Ranged Disarm CWar p103
Ranged Sunder CWar p104
Ranged Threat DR350 p90 (also linked)
Ranged Weapon Mastery PH2 p82
Rapid Reload PH p99
Rapid Shot PH p99
Sharp-Shooting CWar p105
Shot on the Run PH p100
Woodland Archer RotW p154
Zen Archery CWar p106
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