Tavaline Questions and Answers

Items with final answers:

If we cannot buy magic items, nor can be buy special material items (admantium for instance) … What do we spend starting money on?
There's no penalty for carrying a sack of gems around with you. It sounds like a silly answer, but it's truthful. As members of a noble class, you'd be expected to maintain a certain elegance as well. I will provide more details about the campaign before I expect you to create characters. I just wanted you to discuss amongst yourselves what sorts of characters you'd like to play.
How will DR/Magic be handled, if there is no magic weapons routinely available?
You can trust the GM to be fair in this regard. If you will encounter an enemy with DR/Magic, then you will have something to counter it.
Is leadership allowed?
You mentioned that the leadership feat would be advantageous for our position in the army … how is the cohort treated (based on attack ability, or would it be that they were an adjunct / assistant)
I don’t understand this question entirely, I would run the leadership feat according to the rules in the book.
You had said that we were going to be judged based on our attack capabilities (i.e. a wizard would be a poorly trained fighter.
The campaign is focused around a military order, so your rank is partially based on your military prowess. If you're a wizard, you'll have to find something other than fighting ability which gives you a reason to have a military rank. (perhaps you're a translator, perhaps you're a servant to another PC.) The same would apply to any cohorts or companions.
How are magical beasts viewed? Particularly ones that can be used as mounts. Any difference between intelligent ones and animal intelligence?
The only mounts available will be horses. There aren’t even riding dogs that have been trained as mounts.
What about special materials (mithril, admantium, etc)?
There are no special items being mined or manufactured by the human empire. Any items with these materials will have come from some other location. Expect me to start making some feats to explain “unusual background” which might open some of these things up.
How does one tell that an item is magical without using a spell?
You would think that it was hard … but for some reason, people are found out all the time. It makes you wonder, doesn’t it? Obviously, there’s something going on there, isn’t there?
Do Scouts get skirmish damage while mounted?
I believe the official answer to this is “Yes.” Even if the official answer isn’t yes, I’m just going to say “yes” since it comes up so infrequently.
What is the party alignment … i.e. is evil allowed, is lawful required?
This is something you’re going to need to talk to the rest of the party about. However, my one caveat is that “Chaotic” might get you more problems with the leadership than “Evil.” That’s just the nature of rigid military orders.
The spell "Create Magic tattoo" from magic of Faerun — is that legal?
“Magic of Faerun” is not allowed, just because I don’t have the book.
Tattooed monk has magical tattoos, is that allowed?
I would say that this would fit under the “monk” special abilities. Anything too drastic would cause as much suspicion as casting a spell, but strange men who do thing due to inner discipline might be almost considered safely mundane enough. It might still be a tough call.
If this is a light magic campaign, it stands to reason that ACs are going to be quite low … if they are, then hopefully we are using the coma rules? :I think I’m going to use the “coma” rules from now on, they’ve worked out pretty well for me for both players and main villains.
: Will the fighter campaign be the entire time, or just the beginning?
This will be similar to the flashback campaign that we had. There is approximately 1.5 levels left where we can do the flashback campaign, I think that this will take the place of it.
Is the campaign world low-magic?
No, the campaign world itself is high magic. In fact, it is the same world as Isidec. The limit on magic is primarily due to where the characters originate.

Items that will need to be revisited:

Do we need to take exotic weapon proficiency to be able to use firearms?
Undecided, will revisit this with a more concrete answer.
Will you change any of the feats so that they can be applied to firearms? For example rapid reload normally only applies to crossbows, can it be applied to firearms also?
Yes, I believe that this will be in place.
Will you be adding any alchemy items from other books like arms and equipment?
Yes, give me suggestions for ones that you’re looking forward to.
Is it safe to assume that the alchemical items from Complete Adventurer are allowed?
No, give me individual entries and I'll let you know. I'll look over and see if I can just give a blank approval as well.
Can bullets be modified by alchemy like arrows and bolts are?
Not sure on this one, give me suggestions for things you’re looking for.
Starting cash/equipment — can magic items be bought, are they obviously magic items?
I am going to have to return to this one, I might make a feat which would allow for a magical item, or I might just not allow it.
There were alchemical healing items in 3.0 — will similar things be available — or is it just normal healing options?
I believe that this will have a lot less healing available, I will need to look at the alchemical healing devices to make sure that there will be the right feel.
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