Snik Snik

Snik-Snik is an outsider even among his own clan. As a kitten, he never really got along with the other infant ratlings. His clan is from a very sparsely populated mountainous region and do not have much interactions with those outside of the family (think Appalachian mountain people).

Snik-Snik had gotten into an altercation with a cousin of his in the mischief, over a mispercieved slight (too much stubborn redneck pride). The fight went his way, but he had decided he had enough and left the clan home. Shortly after leaving the den he was bushwacked by clan members vengefull for what he had done to his cousin, and for leaving the family. They beat him, slit his throat, and left him to die in the woods.

Dragging himself on the forest ground blindly, he bumped into what he thought was a tree. Defeated, he leaned up against the "tree" to take his last breath. Suddenly there was an upside down wooden face peering into his. As Snik-Snik opened his jaws to speak, Oh'Fourf threw a goodberry into his mouth.

Still badly wounded, but no longer in danger of dying, the ratkin looked up at the tree-man quizzically and tried once more to speak. ……all that came out was a weezy rasp. When his relatives cut his throat they nicked his voice box and damaged it.

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