PC List

Please update this page with any information you have for your character, if I got it wrong. In addition, to make a separate page to put your character sheet and any other information you want to share, please turn your character name into a link by surrounding it with three backets. Like this:

Wednesday Players:
Player Character Name Race Class
Joey Oh'Fourf Wooden Unchained Druid
Rodney Woodrow Wooden Unchained Rogue
Will Skyla Human Fighter
Paul Snik-Snik Ratkin Rogue
Chloe Pandora Tiefling Bard
Stephanie Harley Aasimar Ranger
Keith Dirge McMuffin Half-orc Barbarian
Kat Soul High Elf Rogue
Sunday Players:
Player Character Name Race Class
Pat Grundorf?? Crystal Unchained Wizard
Cheri Claudia Benmokx Half-orc Barbarian
Scott Olo olo Mousekin Rogue
Camronitron Vajayjay Mousekin Cleric
Dave TorTor Ratkin Monk
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