House Rules
  • Character creation rules
    • Point buy method, default in the book. (Standard array is also acceptable)
    • Starting gold is half of maximum for class
    • Every character must have 2 bonds with other party members, they do not need to be reciprocal
  • Currently allowed base races: Human, elf, dwarf, gnome, half-orc, kobold
    • note: tiefling replaced with Nephilim, and dragonborn not permitted.
    • This list may change as the campaign progresses and I homebrew other replacement races.
    • Halfling is on the verge of removal, since it may be replaced with Rodentkin
  • Custom Races
    • Rodentkin - Small sized humanoids that share characteristics with rats and mice
    • The Unchained - Magical automata that have gained their freedom
    • Nephilim - the descendents of the forbidden pairing of outsiders with humans.
    • Raksha - felinoid race (more details needed)
    • Formless - shapechangers
    • Half-Ogre - large hulking brutes descended from Ogres or other giants
    • Lizardfolk - not dragonborn, darn it!
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