2016 05 18 Session Log Dm

Players present: Joey, Paul, Chloe, Will, Rodney, Keith, Stephanie, Kat

The party, realizing something was invisible and travelling around the home, took various methods to try and prevent any attacks. Some spent the evening guarding various locations, some camped out in front of the control panel, but no one ever saw anything moving.

In the morning, they heard and explosion and a cry of pain, when they went downstairs they discovered that the welding wand that Tink had been used had exploded, perhaps it had been sabotaged. Tink went to lay down in his room.

People searched, and found evidence of crumbled mushroom bits. To get Tink's attention, they started to knock over his projects. When he responded, they told him what they had found, and that something invisible was in the home base.

He warned them that they had better leave immediately, those that asked any questions were caught in the first cleansing fireball. Will had been sleeping, so he was knocked unconscious. Rodney died on that first fireball entirely.

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