2016 05 11 Session Log Dm

Players present: Joey, Paul, Chloe, Will, Rodney, Keith, Stephanie, Kat

This was a short session, for the most part the players returned to the home base. Joey struggled to enter, finding something was blocking him, but after shifting shape he was able to enter with no difficulty.

Keith attempted, and succeeded, to fix the control panel to allow one of the bowls out. The party detected something invisible that passed by them, but traveled into the basement to find tink working on some project.

After talking to Tink for some time, they learned that the gnomish woman was Sinead, who was both an ex-employee and an ex-girlfriend of Tink. He had fired and banished her because she had become infected with some infectious mushroom disease, telling her that she could return when she found a cure. They also discovered that the force fields were set up to prevent entrance by anyone with a similar infection, or mushroom creatures in general.

They also attempted to pick the lock to test out one of Tink's traps, and Stephanie (is this right?) was turned semi-permanently blue by the trap. (the skin was permanently died, but as the layers of skin are replaced the blue will fade.)

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