2016 04 27 Session Log Dm

Players present: Joey, Paul, Chloe, Will, Rodney, Keith, Stephanie, Kat

The party returned from their hard fought battle with cloakers to see another boat on the side of the rock. This boat had been piloted by Soul, who was exploring the underground himself. They heard the trap trigger, and Tink went invisible to investigate, while the rest of the party rushed through to see who it was. After a tense negotiation, they discovered that Soul was in a similar situation as they were, and so they invited her into the party.

Tink rewarded the party with 200g for their work with the Cloakers, and offered additional gold if they would go and fill a vial with the essence of the Gas Spores that they had encountered earlier. He also offered them a place to stay, creating a new floor inside of the rock for them to stay in and store their stuff. They woke up and discovered a small wooden bowl of mushroom stew in each room. This bowl disappeared when it was taken outside of the rock.

They set out for the western rope, which they had not yet taken, and found that the passage way was natural and filled with strange molds. The first mold they discovered was extremely cold, and literally thrived and absorbed heat. Yet, they were able to bypass it by jumping over it, or by putting their torches near it.

Later, as they pushed forward, they discovered both shriekers and violet fungi, which started to attack them (and we closed the session there.)

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