2016 04 20 Session Log Dm

Players: Joey, Paul, Chlou, Will, Rodney, Keith, Stephanie

Everyone was joined by two new players, who also were hard up for cash and thus willing to risk poaching inside of the dungeon before being hired on as full employees.

They continued on the passageway that they hadn't explored yet until they found an underground lake that was completely still, completely dark, and larger than could easily be seen with the unaided eye. Across the lake was a suspended rope with periodic knots in it. On the side of the lake was a boat with a hooked stick inside.

They pulled their way across the lake and discovered a huge rock with a small indentation carved into it. The rope ended next to a door inside of this indentation. When they went up to the door, they were hit with many arrows from a trap in the ceiling of the indentation.

When they disarmed the trap (rotate the handle before opening it), they found a room that appeared to be a game room, and heard a high pitched voice warn them that they need to leave before he released the dogs.

Inside of the game room, they convinced the gnome that was invisible that they were not sent by "him" which turned out to be Gunt. The gnome, named "Tink" for short, was an inventor and one of the technicians that helped keep Gunstville going. He hadn't seen Gunt for some time, and was behind on the projects that he had promised to deliver. (He also revealed that the barking dogs was a bluff, and that he used that as an extra level of security.)

He showed off several experiments, including a trap which he had Snik Snik disarm as part of the testing. He revealed that he needed the essence of at least 3 cloakers in order to complete one of his alchemical projects. He offered the party money and a place to stay should they go and get it. He also agreed to accompany the party, revealing that he could probably get them himself, but he'd feel more confident with the rest of the group going with him.

The party took another rope on the other side of the rock to get to an abandoned dwarven fortress, which was absolutely infested with cloakers of all sizes. The party fought hard, but had difficulty due to a combination of the difficulty of the cloakers themselves, but more problematically, the abandon with which Tink was throwing fireballs without regard for the safety of the party.

When they managed to gather up the corpses, they fled in the boat with several unconscious party members.

(large cloakers were full "cloakers" and small ones used the statistics of "darkmantles" which are similar enough that they might as well be mini-cloakers.)

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