2016 04 13 Session Log Dm

The party negotiated with a merchant in town and got the three goats that they needed, using some of the coins that the roper had allowed them to take.

When they returned to the roper, he asked them to tie the goats up nearby, and spat out a glowing crystal to the party as promised.

Pandora (the tiefling) used her wings to scout upwards to see if there was anything hidden higher up in the large cavernous room, and saw that there was a hidden alcove twenty feet above the ground. She continued to fly further up, but managed to disturb the bats that had been sleeping.

After a short, and bloody fight with four large swarms of bats (where the roper happily picked as many bats from the air as he could), the party decided to leave that cavern and return back to town.

On the way back they saw a floating object that originally looked like a creature, but ___ (Joey) recognized it as a floating fungus, so he used a minor spell to burst it before the party continued past it.

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