2016 04 06 Session Log Dm

The party continued down the passage to the east and saw that it gradually become less and less worked and smooth, and more and more natural. They came to a 4 way intersection, where a passageway crossed it at an angle. They travelled up the one path to the side and discovered that it gradually went upwards, so they returned to the main passage and travelled down it.

This passage continued onwards for some distance where they discovered a side chamber with a large boulder in the middle of it. There were natural stalactites and stalagmites in the cavern, and they saw evidence of many bats.

The ratkin sneakily entered to scout ahead, and saw that there were many coins scattered around a large staglmite, when he went to gather some of them, a ropy tendril whipped out at him and caught him before he could get away. It dragged him back to the main body, where a large eye and mouth had opened up. And it spoke!

"You're not just going to leave without saying anything?" it asked.

After the creature made clear that it wouldn't allow the rat to leave without agreeing to stay and talk, they found out that it would be willing to give the party a gem if they would return with either three goats or sheep, or perhaps a cow.

They decided to return to the town after that.

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