2016 03 30 Session Log DM

Our first session involved a fair bit of exposition and introduction of characters, so not a lot of things happened.

The party had come to the town of Guntsville, knowing of its reputation as a host for the young nobles to "seek adventure" while still being safe. They had hoped to gain employment as troubleshooters for the dungeons beneath the town, but were unable to seek an audience with Gunt himself. His assistant seemed genuinely apologetic for the wait, and asked them to remain in town for when the boss came back.

Unfortunately, things in town are quite expensive and the party had started to run short of cash. Having learned the way to avoid the levels operated by the town itself, they sought adventure in the dungeon, hoping to score a bit of gold to be able to afford living in town for just a while longer.

They decided to enter the dungeon via the grate behind the inn, which was usually (illegally) used for dumping of trash. They picked the padlock, jumped down into the dungeon, and then closed the grate behind themselves.

After a short period of time, they had their first encounter: "Cubey," the pet gelatinous cube that cleans up in the area. Cubey engulfed Paul in one hit, until Will grabbed and pulled Paul back out of it. Joey then fed the cube a goodberry, at which point it turned around and cleaned in the direction that it had come from. (it also spat out a small amount of gold and a healing potion.)

The party then decided to take the passage east, which led for quite some distance before entering into a more natural cavernous area. We closed up for the evening at that point.

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