Return To Guntsville

Return to Guntsville is a home campaign played by two different groups. Since it's a home game, it gives me a chance to do some play testing of home brewed feats, races, and maybe a new adventure I'd like to try out.

The group that plays on Wednesday is made up of folks that stay after the D&D Adventurer's League group session ends. Since right now we're split across multiple tables, it has limited time, so we generally only manage an encounter or two, but so far we've had some interesting encounters!

The Sunday group is just starting out, but we will most likely be playing only on occasion, perhaps every other week.

Guntsville has a long history, and has a somewhat strange link to games I've run before. See Dungeon Fantasy for one instance, and another involved a pie-headed hydra and a villanous ghoul that was a former player character. Don't worry, though, there's plenty of room for your stories to fit into the world!

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