Not Shadowrun

This campaign is something that I am still in the process of planning out. I am tentatively calling it just "not Shadowrun" because I plan to capture a lot of the feel of that setting, but not actually using the rules or the details of that setting. I'll unavoidably be inspired a lot by Shadowrun because I have a lot of good history with it, but I want to make something of my own.

I plan on using GURPS as my rules system of choice, I will need to pick up and use GURPS Fantasy, GURPS Magic, GURPS Powers, GURPS Ultra-Tech, and GURPS Bio-Tech. As long as I'm just picking up every book under the sun, there's a good chance that eventually I will want to go pick up GURPS Banestorm, GURPS Infinite Worlds, and GURPS Space, as well. Why not?

The goal will be to make something new and wholly my own, though, so I will need to have my own templates for everything. I don't see this being a horrible problem. To fit that goal, I'm going to keep things relatively simple to start out with. One city, a few races, some suggested templates for "classes," and no spells for PCs to begin the game.

I'm torn on whether or not to run this as my next GURPS campaign or if I should work towards using something simpler in the Fantasy genre? For more details on a fantasy version, look at Not D&D.

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