Isidec Rough History

On the nature of Trogs:

Trogs is a term that is used when you wish to include all of the
various humanoids that incorporate the orc and goblin forces that have
landed on the continent of Isidec. (You do know that the game takes
place in Isidec? No? Well, it does.)

Originally, the elder races were the only inhabitants of Isidec. This
would be the elves and dwarves, as well as other "Things" which have
mostly been forgotten. By the time that the humans had arrived, only
the elves and dwarves remained, neither of which begrudged the humans
the small settlements that they had formed mostly on the shores of the
continent. The elves were content in their deep forest cities whereas
the dwarves remained in the deep mountains.

The kingdoms of humans had very divergent cultures with deeply
ingrained rivalries with each other. That would change as they faced
the next wave of settlers.

The various tribes of humanoids, the trogs as they called themselves,
forced the southern tribes to band together in order to defeat a
common enemy. The philosophy of the trogs was so alien that no form
of diplomacy was possible. A long fought war served to unify the
southern kingdoms into one cohesive entity, which in turn was able to
defend the entire continent from further intrusions. There still
remain remnants of those invaders, but nowhere near the scale that
once waged war against the humans.

Enough time has now passed that the old kingdoms have started to
revert to their old customs and their old leaders. The southern
king's power has not been challenged outright, but there has always
been rumors that some of the barons in the borderlands might start to
refer to themselves by their old titles and ignore the King's rule.

There are also rumors that the northern tribes have not only made
peace with the trogs, but perhaps even begun to observe their customs
and strange gods. Has the king's power waned that much?

What comes later:

I've talked about this before, but I wanted to let you know: this
game is a prequel to one that I ran earlier. To let you "in on the
secret" I figured I'd write some more information down so you could
all read it. So, the events that I am going to describe in this email
will be "what is going to happen" and maybe now and then you'll see
WHY it came about.

Some of this came out in the other game, but a lot of the clues turned
out to be too vague so that the players didn't quite put together
things the way that I wanted to. This is part of the reason I *want*
to write more down on the Wiki, even if I haven't been doing it.

In the old game, the players were humans in a "Slave colony" run by
the elves. The entire continent was run by the elves, with the humans
placed in "protective custody."

The cause of that was that the humans had been systematically removing
chaotic and destructive things from the world. They had been aided in
their cause against the invading trogs (orcs, goblins, and so on) by
the elves, dwarves, and gnomes. The elves and dwarves turned on the
humans in the end, as they realized that the humans would most likely
turn against them in the not-too-distant future.

At that time, the humans had renaissance level technology (with
firearms) and had completely eschewed magic (including divine magic),
but they were defeated through elven magic, dwarven technology, and
the troggish numbers. (The gnomes stayed neutral, as they planned on
making their profits from whomever won the conflict).

The elves then kindly asked the trog hordes to leave Isidec, and the
trogs complied (for now). There were still humans on the other
continents to conquer, but the elves had no interest.

After a few hundred years, the continent was completely overcome with
forest again. The humans had deforested much of the continent, but
the elves' druidical talents was able to repair the damage that had
been done.

The elves felt that killing the remaining humans would be completely
unethical, but felt that they needed to have their numbers watched and
their influence limited until they would die out or perhaps develop
out of their destructive ways.

Humans were forbidden from writing anything down, they were forbidden
from owning anything made of metal, they were prohibited from
gathering in large groups.

Some "unlucky elves" were chosen to be the stewards of these humans,
however the governors of the humans eventually became corrupted by
their charge and developed their own strange society as the ruling

The remaining elves, meanwhile, started to suffer from strange side
effects of the magic that had started to regrow the forests. The
connection that they had opened to the land of the fay had caused them
to start to take on aspects of the fay themselves.

…. and this is when the old party came into play.

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