Isidec Reborn

Isidec Reborn is an attempt to pick up "where I left off" from previous campaigns. As you can tell by browsing through the rest of this wiki, there's been some time between the last time I updated pages. There have been multiple groups to go through, and it's been run in multiple systems. (D&D 3.0, 3.5, GURPS, and D&D 4.0).

The goal of the original campaign was to make the generic fantasy setting, but shake up a few of the standard assumptions. Humans were no longer the one race in power, elves were no longer peaceful tree huggers, and there was no virtuous king for whom you performed a quest.

Everyone in Isidec is at least partially a bastard. Despite that, there is plenty of hope. The town of Denport has forced the issue, humans are represented on the town council in more than just a token fashion. The governor of Denport is actually interested in the well-being of his charge, even though the rest of the council might not be. The humans in the shadow city are actually rediscovering their heritage.

But, just when things are recovering, some other things are getting worse. The magic that the elves were working to reforest the continent is spinning out of control. The Cyrinthian Empire, long absent from this continent, are returning to see why their tribute stopped coming and the portals stopped working. And the demons, well, they continue to do what demons do.

There's plenty for a hero to do, but where to start?

This is a VERY rough map, to show Denport in relation to Clod and the forested area that is under the control of the Elven Conclave:


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