Isidec is the name of the campaign and the continent of the current campaign.


Isidec is a small continent almost completely overrun by forests. There is a mountain range in the middle of the continent. (Map should be linked in the future, once I find it again.)


The continent has mostly reverted back to its pre-colonized state. There are many different groups of elves, who have taken over the governing of the areas above the ground. There are dwarves that live in the mountains, the exact number of the inhabitants and the location is mostly unknown to the non-dwarf population. There are also small communities of gnomes, who control the shipping and trading industries. Finally, there are large populations of humans and halflings who are considered the property of the elves who govern the cities.



To be detailed later.


To be detailed later.


The exact nature of the elven government is mostly unknown. What is known is that they have governers assigned to the cities to watch over the human population and keep them in check.


The humans in most cities are considered property of the elves that govern the city. The one exception to that is the city in which the players will start, where humans have been given the rights to self government in the form of guilds to manage individual trades within that city.

The current most powerful guild in the city is the Thieves Guild, for reasons which become apparent during the plot of the game.


More to be detailed later.

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