Session Logs

2012-03-21 Log
Wherein we gather and discuss.

2012-03-28 Log
Wherein we commit murder for money

2012-04-04 Log
Wherein we discover obstacles of orcs, goblins, and mushrooms

2012-04-11 Log
Wherein we attempt and fail to infiltrate with subtlety

2012-04-18 Log
Wherein we succeed with diplomacy of the sword

2012-04-25 Log
Wherein we finally open up trade, and some of us become lizard-folk

2012-05-02 Log
Wherein we learn of hidden plots within the lizard-folk community.

2012-05-09 Log
Wherein we get the better of a group of gnomish slavers… err, traders.

2012-05-16 Log
Wherein we talk our way out of a few situations

2012-05-23 Log
Wherein we finish things up and dig in the mud

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