Major Powers

Fey Conclave: The fey enclave are the group of fey races responsible for safeguarding the restoration of the natural order of the continent. Primarily led by the elves, some visitors from the Fey of the Feywild supervise the project.

Eladrin Council: All of the eladrin who stayed behind to govern the human protectorate. Originally, they were part of the Fey Conclave, but they have come to appreciate the position of power and luxuries afforded them as members of the Eladrin Council.

Shadow City of Denport: The human resistance in the elven protectorate of Denport. Mainly controlled by the Cult of Eshvara Nox, they've been organizing the humans and using events to their advantage to undermine the power of the elven governors of Denport.

Cyrinthian Empire: Originally, the human kingdoms of this continent were part of the Cyrinthian Empire. Now, the Cyrinthians are returning to see what happened to claim the tribute that they had been expecting, and investigate what happened to the mystical portals that once enabled easy travel.

Trog's Army: An meritocratic force of humanoids led by a charismatic warlord named Trog. His goal is to unite all of the races under his rule, to bring about everlasting peace. He will not rest until all of the world is under his rule.

Minor Powers

Cult of Eshvara Nox: Eshvara Nox was a death god, worshipped by the humans before the elves placed them under the protectorate. Once one of a pantheon of many, the priests have made it their goal to discover anything they can about the past, so that they can try and bring about a return to their former glory.

Wuki's Pirates: An offshoot of Trog's Army who have captured a few Cyrinthian airships, led by a bugbear named Wuki.

Dwarven Kingdoms: The dwarves had always been isolationist and xenophobic, after the Great Betrayal, they had mostly withdrawn from the world. Now that the borders between the planes have started to crack, the dwarves are forced to deal with the outside world.

Gnomish City States: With all of their competitors gone, the gnomes (and halflings) have become the only navy of the continent. The utilize their monopoly to become known as who to go to when you need something. This has also gotten them a reputation as "slavers," seeing as the humans are often traded amongst the various protectorates for their skills and talents.

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