Return to Isidec

The island of Isidec is currently undergoing several wars. You enter into
one of its most exciting and tumultuos periods, the time where the Lost Empire
of Cyrinth has returned only to see its former homeland overrun by those it once
subjugated. In the meantime, the very borders between the planes have become
weak as chaotic energies from the Abyss and the Feywild warp and shape the
residents into something different than what they once were.

== The Races

=== Eladrin and elves
Eladrin and Elves had been the main rulers of the continent until recently.
The elves had determined the former human empire to be a menace and had switched
sides during the last "Great War" between the humans and the Trog tribes.

In an effort to regrow the forest razed by the out of control human empire,
the elves had undergone a ritual to open up portals to the Feywild. In the
process, they had managed to do much more than that. Now many elves are
infected with a strange disease which they have named "Feytouched" which causes
them to act erratically.

In addition, the boundaries between not just the Feywild and the Prime
Material have been weakened, but also other planes as well. Demonic invasions
have been a serious problem in recent times.

The eladrin, in the mean time, had been appointed as caretakers of the
humans. Unable to slaughter the remaining survivors of the war, the elven
council had set up protectorate cities where the human population could be
carefully monitored. The humans were controlled by a series of harsh laws,
in the interest of preventing a future reoccurance of the past empire. Over time,
the eladrin had changed from their brother, becoming shaped by their new

Unfortunately, the humans managed to revolt despite the control of the
eladrin. One city, the city of Denport, in particular managed to organize the
human inhabitants into a strong enough force that it demanded concessions from
the eladrin governor. The remaining eladrin try their best to prevent news from
reaching their own charges, and wait to see what will develop.

== Gnomes
The gnomes had always been somewhat distant from the happenings on the main
continent, ruling their small island cities. With the roads of the human empire
being overrun by the forest, their naval forces suddenly became of utmost
importance. They became known for their ability to supply the eladrin what they
need and where they need it. (They also developed the unsavory reputation for
being slavers, as humans with specialized skills were highly valued by the
eladrin govenors.)

== Dwarves
The dwarven reaction to the humans great wars was to isolate themselves from
the island. As time has gone on, the dwarves have noticed that the elemental
planar boundaries are starting to intrude upon their realms as well. Isolation
will no longer be sufficient to avoid the results of the current events.

== Humans and Tieflings
The humans mostly have forgotten what it was like to not be slaves. Writing
has been outlawed, and few humans are literate. However, there are those who
ignore the laws, especially those that worshipped the old god of Eshvara Nox,
the god of death, knowledge, and magic.

The town of Denport managed to create a shadow city underground, where they
organized what they could of a resistance. Few know of this secret place, but
it remained the one area where humans maintained power.

In addition, the Cyrinthian empire has started to return. Their flying
fortresses show that this lost human empire maintains very little of its old

== Half-orc, Orc, and Goliath
The Trog tribes were willing to accept anyone, as long as they were willing
to assist in the well being of the rest of the tribe. In order to maintain
their ways, though, they were forced to constantly expand.

The human empire had managed to fight them to a standstill in the old times,
but when the elves switched sides in "The Great Betrayal," the orcs had left as
part of the bargain. Some remained, supposed peaceful inhabitants of the island,
but many of them were secretly watching and waiting for when the elves would let
their guard down.

When all have accepted the true way, then the world will be ready for the
eternal peace of the Trog.

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