Fluffawuff's Gift

Fluffawuff's Gift (Level 7 Disease)
You hear the whispers of Fluffawuff, telling you the desires of the Deep. You feel more in touch with the One as your own identity slowly slips away.
NOTE: Each stage also includes the benefits/penalties of earlier stages.
Stage 0: the target recovers from the disease
Stage 1: the target grows fungus across his body, complete with mushroom growths from unexposed area. No mental effects, and the disease can be kept hidden.
Stage 2: the target begins to hear the calling of "the One" as his mind is constantly flooded with the thoughts of others. The target receives a -2 on all mental ability skill checks unless he is within 60 feet of 1 or more creatures also infected with the gift. He also receives a -2 to Will defense. He is still able to hide the physical effects of the disease.
Stage 3: the target can no longer hide the fungal growths, even armor presents some difficulty. Normal armor causes pain and cannot be worn, but alterations can be done which allow for the wearer to wear it comfortably. Some of his spores will bud and take the effect of a companion creature of a Myconid Colony Swarm (level 5 artillery, swarm).
Stage 4: final stage of the disease. The target feels a compulsion to found a new colony connected to the one. The disease cannot be cured naturally at this point. A new paragon path is open to reflect this.
Check: Recover 10 or lower, no change 11-15, 16 or higher disease increases by one.

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