Fey Conclave

The fey enclave are the group of fey races responsible for safeguarding the restoration of the natural order of the continent. Primarily led by the elves, some visitors from the Fey of the Feywild supervise the project.

Three Adjectives and Real World counterpart:

  • overbearing
  • warlike
  • nature-focused
  • Culture with Celtic flavor


  • The fey enclave work closely with the eladrin council, to ensure that the human protectorates are maintained. They believe themselves to be in a position of power over them.
  • They are unaware of the Cult of the Eshavara Nox or the Shadow City and would be quite disturbed to see this have happened despite the efforts of the Eladrin Council.
  • Rumors of the floating citadels of the Cyrinthian Empire have reached their ears, much to their dismay. The intent is to gather together an army to face them when they arrive.
  • They believe the Trog Army to not have a presence on the continent, only a scattered few stragglers who are believed to be peaceful.

Power Sources:

  • The fey primarily focus on primal and martial sources, with some who use arcane.
  • There are no known practitioners of divine, shadow, or psionic magic.
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