These are the themes available for the campaign. In addition, there is a background available too.

I would highly recommend that you use the background associated with your "theme," however if there is a different background that you really want, we can discuss to see how it would fit within your theme.

As a reward for tying yourself into my campaign, you may receive a magic item. That one magic item will increase in power as you go up in level, so it will always be something useful for your character.

The requirements for the themes might change, based on suggestions or if I realize I forgot something. Please let me know if something appeals to you but it's not currently available to you due to race or class.


Original Cyrinthian
Arcadian (accented)
Arcadian (accented)
Mostly Arcadian (accented), with some learning a smattering of Cyrinthian
Halsten (accented)
Nering (accented)

Note: Common does exist, but it is mainly a trade language and is not the "common" of fantasy. It is not quite as common, mainly used by merchants and those that deal with merchants. Do not assume that the average person might use it.

In Denport, "Arcadian" functions similar to standard common. In Clod, Halsten functions similar to standard common.


Eshvara Sol
the god of civilization, sun, and glory (similar to Pelor and Bahamut)
Eshvara Nox
the gold of knowledge, magic, and death (similar to Raven Queen and Ioun)
*god of the forge*
the god of artifice (similar to Moradin)

Power Sources by Faction

Cyrinthian Dwarven Elven Human Gnomish Trog
Arcane x x x x x x
Divine x x x x
Martial x x x x x x
Primal x x x x
Psionic x x x x x
Shadow x x x x x


Cyrinthian Deserter

Race: Warforged, Tiefling, Human
Class: Arcane, Divine, Martial, Psionic, Shadow
Skills: Endurance, Athletics
You were once a member of the Cyrinthian army, but for your own reasons you have left. When you joined the army, you were informed that you had a permanent mark placed on your forehead that is easily detectable with an Arcana check. You've heard rumors of a ritual that will remove the mark and until you can find a means to have it performed, you'll just need to avoid any officers.

Cyrinthian Spy

Race: Warforged, Tiefling, Human
Class: Arcane, Divine, Martial, Psionic, Shadow
Skills: Stealth, Bluff
You remain a member of the Cyrinthian army, but you are currently functioning as a spy. You may have had the mark that denotes your membership in the army removed, but you've heard rumors that there remains a mark which can still be revealed and that escaped spies are punished most harshly of all. You still occasionally must report in through a mental link with your superior officer and as long as you feed him useful information you have been allowed a great deal of freedom.

Discarded Equipment

Race: Warforged
Class: Arcane, Divine, Martial
Skills: Arcana, Streetwise
You were once an experiment or tool for a Cyrinthian artificer, but unhappy with your creation he relegated you to the scrap heap to be recycled for parts. Somehow you managed to be misplaced before you were broken down for your component parts. You still bear an arcane mark that designates you as property of the Cyrinthian empire, and your fear is that someday you might be discovered and returned to the scrap yard that you've escaped from.

Vacationing Noble

Race: Tiefling, Human
Class: Arcane, Divine, Martial
Skills: Diplomacy, History
For now, you know that your absence isn't missed. As a nobleman, you are granted quite a bit of leeway to explore the lands of the Cyrinthian Empire's future conquests. At some point, your absence will be noted. One or more of your responsibilities are completely neglected while you're gone, eventually someone will be sent to retrieve you. For now, though, you're enjoying your life without responsibilities.

Elven Nation

Denport City Dweller

Race: Elf, Eladrin
Class: Arcane, Martial, Primal
Skills: Streetwise, Intimidate
You have a nice, cozy residence in the elven district of the city of Denport. You have lived here long enough that you've grown used to the comforts, but recent changes have started to shake things up a bit. It all started when the current Governor Amarth took control, and later when he married his human wife. Since then, he's declared that all humans in Denport are full citizens. Not all of your fellow citizens agree with this turn of events and you are still trying to understand what the end results of this new turn of events will be. You've also heard rumors of a Shadow City beneath Denport, but you are sure that you wouldn't be welcome there.

Low-ranking Denport Councilman

Race: Eladrin
Class: Arcane, Martial
Skills: Diplomacy, Insight
You are a low ranking member of the eladrin council that governs the day-to-day operation of the city of Denport. You may have actually been released from your position, due to the rapid changes that are occurring in the government, or you might have left in protest of how things are being run. You have a first hand view that a lot of the supposed "improvements of life" for the human residents might not be all that they seem. In fact, you see just enough of how things are actually happening to know that nothing is as it seems.

Elven Conclave Member

Race: Elf, Pixie, Satyr, Hamadryad,
Class: Arcane, Martial, Primal
Skills: Nature, History
You are part of the elven conclave, which has made its mission to restore the continent of Isidec to its state before the arrival of the younger races (such as the humans). Things have not been proceeding as expected, though. Some of your compatriots have started to succumb to the fey-taint, acting more and more erratically. Also, it seems like larger and larger portions of the island are being enveloped in regios, or regions where the aspects of other planes warp the prime material plane. The elders of the conclave seem unconcerned, but the answer must lay elsewhere.


Freed man of Denport

Race: Human
Class: Any
Skills: Perception, Streetwise
With the Governor Amarth's proclamation of the "Great Experiment" that all humans of Denport are full citizens, life hasn't changed much. You are still mistreated by the elven citizenry and you know that your freedom would quickly dissolve if you were taken to any of the other Protectorates on Isidec. You are one of the lucky ones, though, having earned enough money to have one magical item and learned enough new skills to set out and make a name for yourself. Perhaps this idea will spread to other cities in time.

Death Cult Member

Race: Human
Class: Usually divine, but also Arcane, Martial, Primal
Skills: Nature, History
The efforts of the Church of Eshvara Nox have borne much fruit, the Governor seeks the church's advice on how to best govern his human subjects. There have been many developments in the Shadow City, including a thriving marketplace. The gladiator pits have granted freedom to any gladiators that no longer wish to participate. However, there have also been failures. The team of adventurers sent to solve the growing problem of demonic infestation never returned, and although divinations have revealed that they're not dead and haven't been defeated, there's been no indication of their success. But, the Church continues with its missions, its leadership mysterious and cloaked. Sometimes you're left to your own devices for months, others you're sent on missions that take weeks.


Race: Human (or some others, limited)
Class: Martial
Skills: Intimidate, Acrobatics, Athletics
With the proclamation of the "Great Experiment," all gladiators were granted the choice of either continuing with their old profession or leaving to be freed men. You were, however, one of the greats and decided that you'd be better with the riches that you can earn in the pits rather than the pittance you could earn outside of it. You are free to leave, however, but you fear that too much time spent away will diminish the fame that is the source of your living.

Trog's Hordes

Trog's Hordesman Spy

Race: Half-orc, goliath, bugbear, gnoll, minotaur, goblin, kobold, etc
Class: Any
Skills: Nature, Endurance
When Trog led his hordes off of the continent of Isidec, some remained as peaceful citizens of the new sylvan paradise. However, not all of you are simple tribesmen. Trog assigned a few of you the task to wait and observe, and inform him when the elven rules had grown complacent. The elven ideal seemed an abomination to Trog, who felt that the elves were worse than the humans in the end. You've heard from others that the Cyrinthian empire has started to scout the island, which leads you to believe that this is the time that Trog was waiting for. You're curious to see what will come, and look forward to the egalitarian paradise that Trog had promised.

Wuki's Pirates

Race: Half-orc, goliath, bugbear, gnoll, minotaur, goblin, kobold, etc
Class: Any
Skills: Arcana, Acrobatics
Trog taught you that if you cannot protect something, it never belonged to you in the first place. Wuki is one of Trog's greatest disciples, proving that not even the great Cyrinthian empire is immune to that simple fact. You gained much glory while a part of Wuki's pirate fleet, but it's time for a change of tactics. You're supposed to scout and find new targets. see where the Cyrinthians are going next and report back what you discover.

Human Escapee

Race: Human
Class: Any
Skills: Stealth, Endurance
You managed to escape. You're lucky that you found a tribal camp before the elves found you. In the mean time, you've been told of the plans that Trog had for this island, and how the ill-fated human nation ignored his advice and perished to the treacherous elves. You've heard rumors that the humans of Denport have been freed, but it's hard to trust that this isn't some new form of tricky by the deceitful elves.

Gnomish City States

Academy Researcher

Race: Gnome, Halfling
Class: Arcane, Psionic
It's most intriguing, the borders between the planes are breaking down. It shouldn't be possible, but it's definitely been happening. The source of the breaks seems to be around the city of Denport and you cannot resist learning more. Perhaps there will be a treatise with your name on it. (note: If you're a halfling, you're in rare company, as most of your comrades are gnomes.)

Gnomish Trader

Race: Gnome, Halfling
Class: Arcane, Martial, Psionic, Shadow
Business has been terrible, ever since you lost your ship. You know that there's a line from the Gnomish Code that talks about how adversity is just setting you up for a larger gain in the future, but it's hard to remember a time with a worse loss. Regardless, though, the town of Denport is tremendously intriguing. Two separate markets operate with the nearby city of Clod existing in a /regio/ to the Elemental Plane of Earth. There has never been a greater source for potential profit. What's best is that it seems that very few have taken advantage of that fact. You need to discover more, you're bound to make enough to recover all of your losses and even more.

Dwarven Kingdoms

Dwarven Citizen

Race: Dwarf
Class: Arcane, Divine, Martial, Primal, Psionic
Skills: Dungeoneering, History
When the time came for the Great Betrayal, the dwarves participated in their own way: they attempted to convince the humans to withdraw from the battlefield, and failing that, they withdrew into their own mountain fortresses. Since then, they've maintained a distant trade partnership with the elves, content to practice their own crafts and research as they had done for their entire history. Unfortunately, things have started to happen that have forced them out of their self-imposed exile — the planar boundaries are starting to weaken, causing large portions of their kingdom to start to take on aspects of the elemental chaos. The dwarves have sent a few out to discover the cause of this, and to hopefully solve the problem before more damage can be done.

Drow Outcast

Race: Drow
Class: Arcane, Martial, Primal, Psionic, Shadow
Skills: Dungeoneering, Arcana
Not all of the elves participated in the great betrayal. The drow were always somewhat distant from their cousins, practicing magics that were different from the original elves, but prolonged time underground and connection to the psionic powers that exist there have caused them to diverge quite obviously from their old bretheren. Unfortunately, the drow are now experiencing the same difficulties as their dwarven allies: The appearance of sudden breaks between the planes. This has forced some of the drow above ground, to discover the cause of this disturbance and if there is a way to resolve them.


Clod Dweller

Race: Any
Class: Any
Skills: Arcana, Nature
Clod is a true melting pot, existing in a deep cavern within a ball of dirt in the plane of Elemental Earth, it exists on the border of a /regio/ to the prime material plane. At one point, the borders of the regio were difficult to cross, which made visitors from the Prime a bit of a rarity… but, now it seems like you see new faces every day. What is the cause of this breakdown? What's worse is that there's been talk of people invading, and upsetting the delicate balance of power that has kept Clod a great place for so long.

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