2012-05-23 Log

Attending: Joey, Amanda, Will, Jayna, Alex, William
XP reward: Everyone present should level up to level four
Gold reward: ring made of a strange, clear metal

(old school beholder!)

The session picked up with the beholder / hobgoblin fight that we left off with last session. The water genasi (played by Charlie) had been swept down the river during the combat, but with luck, William's elven wizard had been wandering through the area of the forest, saw the combat, and knew that the beholder should not be there.

(Though, it was dragon territory, so he was nervous about the possibility of the dragon not being happy with his presence.)

The battle was fierce, the hobgoblins had superior position, but once the party managed to down the beholder with their tactics and control, the hobgoblins declared a truce and returned downstairs.

In the midst of the melee, however, Fluff had picked up a javelin while he was otherwise immobile. He found that the javelin was quite unwilling to leave his hands, and the hobgoblins explained that it took work, but he could rid himself of it if he tried.

He learned from one of the wizards (doesn't everyone have two, a spare just in case?) that an arcane ritual could free him of the curse.

They also noticed that the beholder had a strange ring around one of his eyestalks, made of a strange, nearly transparent metal.

They gathered some of the dirt from the river where there was a weakening in several planar boundaries (both immediately in front of the cave, further down stream with a different set of boundaries).

Then they travelled into the caves, to find a pair of statues of drow women, both wearing blindfolds. One held a chalice and the other a platter, both had strange crystals.

After trying to ignore the statues and walk past the entrance, Fluff was blasted with painful arcane fire.

The party tried various things, but discovered that it required a fire or a cold effect channeled through the ring at either the cup or the platter.

Once past that, they found an underground river that appeared to be formed from runoff from the river outside.

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