2012 05 16 Log

Attending: Joey, Amanda, Jayna, Will, Alex, Charlie
XP reward: not given out yet
Gold reward: none

This day, we managed to encounter the cover of the first ever Dragon magazine:

The party left the gnomish camp site and continued further down the river, verifying that they were in fact going the right direction.

They saw in the distance a small human-shaped bundle of sticks and mud, run off making a clicking noise. The party was able to understand the phrase "get the lady! get the lady! they're here!" They were able to identify the creature as a "Twig Blight Seedling."

Later, five more of them appeared and pulled Tink Winkle and the rest of the party off past a group of other Twig Blights,Treants, and other plant creatures that all watched with interest as the twig blights pulled the party by the hand.

Surprisingly, at this point no one made any hostile moves, so they were led further to see a young dragon sunning herself on a rock in the middle of a swampy lake.

The party identified the dragon as being infected with the "feytouch" and it had rainbows being formed where the sun hit her scales.

After a conversation, the party received the dragon's permission to travel further in her domain in exchange for a magic item, which they managed to remind Fluff that he had stored in one of his many bags of stuff. (The dragon told Fluff to toss it into the lake and it would end up in her hoard eventually.)

The dragon informed them that they had her blessing, and that should they be accosted by anyone that it was not with her permission and they should feel free to defend themselves however they wish.

The party continued further, coming nearly to the spot where they would need to collect the soil and found a group of hobgoblins and a small beholder emerging from a cavern entrance on the other side of the river. Due to time constraints, we did not finish the combat.

Combat will be continued in the next session.

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