2012-05-02 Log

Attending: Joey, Amanda, Jayna, Alex, ???
XP reward: 200gp
Gold reward: none


Sarveska was visited in the middle of the night by an image projected from the shaman. He implored the party to meet with him in the forest later in the day, after they set out for their journey. He explained how he had an additional task for them.

So, they party started to travel forth from the lizardfolk territory and ran into a small group of drakes and their freshly killed meal, which was blocking the treacherous path down from the mountains.


The party attempted to fly or climb down, avoiding the large guard drakes, only to discover that some of the drakes could fly and spit poison. They also encountered a strange crystalline psion who helped them chase off the drakes.

Once the drakes attempted to flee, the ranged combatants showed their bloodthirstiness, and forced a squabble between the two kinds of drakes to become deadly, as the larger guard drakes tore apart the flying poison spitters.

Once they passed the drakes, the party saw the projected image of the lizard-folk shaman. The shaman explained that the current K'bru'blam (leader) of the lizard-folk had only recently taken over, forcing them to abandon their old ways. He hinted that the new leader was worshipping dark things from the deep, like the strange beasts they found in the bottom of the Lake of Sacrifice. The shaman said that it would be best for everyone if the party found some way to remove the new chief from power. He offered to make it worth their while if they could bring it about.

The party noticed that the river travelled along a weakened boundary, which flowed from the lake of sacrifice. Taking that as a suggestion, they continued to follow the river into the forest to further their goal of finding the deepest, darkest part of the forest that bordered the Feywild.

(Not without being temporarily distracted by some strange activity involving target practice using fish for ammo and squirrels for targets.)


On the way, they encountered a strange moss like creature, that attempted to lure them telepathically from their path. The party ignored the moss and continued on.

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