2012 04 25 Log

Attending: Joey, Amanda, Will, Jayna, Alex, Talia
XP reward: Everyone present should level up to level three
Gold reward: 500gp each
Oytugh Disease: Alex (made it), Joey (hasn't rolled), Jayna (hasn't rolled)

(illustration by Jayna!)

The session started with everyone enjoying a feast in their honor. During the party, Wink Twinkle caught the attention of a young orc who stared intently as she ate.

They continued further to meet up with a group of Myconids who were farming. When they got closer, a few approached and introduced the group to the Great Fluffawuff.

Fluff asked for a favor from Fluffawuff, to have minions of his own in exchange for spreading the One through all of the Deep Places. He sprayed a sticky film of spores onto Fluff, which soaked into his skin and left a strange smelling residue. (See Fluffawuff's Gift)

He also offered to permit travel through the Myconid territory in exchange for soil from the deepest forests, bordering the Feywild.

They then finished their travels to the lizardfolk village to discover that the guards had shields with the symbol of Wuki's pirates.

There, they learned that the leader of the lizardfolk, the current K'Bru'Blam, had cut off trade because he had formed a new alliance with other people.

In order to open negotiation, he offered two choices: they could join the lizardfolk and ask to speak to the council of elders, or they could challenge the K'Bru'Blam's and gain the right to overturn his decision. (They were also told by the scouts that the Pool of Sacrifice was helpful in cleaning the residue from the myconids.)

To join the lizardfolk, you merely had to undergo the coming of age ceremony of the lizardfolk which involved swimming in the Lake of Sacrifice. Several party members tread water for some time, but those that went under water saw strange tentacled monsters below.

A fight with an Otyugh proved to be quite a challenge, Sarveska was knocked unconscious and most people were forced to flee from the fearsome beast. BD-Archetype, however, was able to use his magic to push the abberation away from the party, and a few choice blows bloodied the thing and it fled to find safer food.

Only Will's character (need to fix name here) tried to challenge the chief, but after a handy defeat from the chief, everyone decided to pass on that method.

Seeing as the party was accepted as new members of the tribe, they were allowed to sleep. In the morning, Fluff discovered that strange fungal growths had appeared on his shoulders.

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