2012 04 18 Log

Attending: Joey, Amanda, Will, Jayna, Alex, Doug, Talia, William
XP reward: 253 xp each
Gold reward: magic items promised
XP Spreadsheet xp spreadhseet

The party released the hostages, who then offered to join the party. Two PCs (Talia's character and Doug's dwarf as well) as well as several NPCs

One of them asked for a weapon, wherein he tortured and then killed the orc torturer.

The party progressed down the passageway and saw the chieftan and his guards at about the sametime as the chieftan discovered them, when of course, a fight ensued.

The orcs charged with a cry of "For the glory of Trog" and fired upon poor Tinkwinkle who fell to the ground. Later, the dwarf defender fell into the pit trap that the orcs had covered the hallway with, bringing Tinkwinkle into the pit as well.

After a tough fight, the party managed to show their strength, at which point the chieftan opened up negotiations.

We stopped at that point.

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