2012 04 11 Log

Attending: Joey, Amanda, Will, Jayna, Alex
XP reward: n/a - level up to 2, set your exp to 1000 (approx 496xp)
Gold reward: tba, several magic items given out
XP Spreadsheet xp spreadhseet

The party attempted to negotiate with the orc that they had captured the previous session, which turned out to be a half-orc. Khafi-pot decided at this point that he needed to return to town for repairs. (Alex switched characters at this point)

The party then convinced the half-orc to show them the entrance to the orcs that had been trying to recruit him, informing them that he had been recruited into Trog's army.

The party entered the guard room to find fierce resistence, many orcs and goblins hiding in small hidden tunnels in the ceiling disguised as stalactites. After finishing off their enemies, they left to rest some distance from the entrance.

When they returned, the small flaps that hid the hidey-holes fluttered, indicating that they had been spotted. They proceeded to the southwest to find a barracks with a wooden platforms. They fought a large group of six goblins and six orcs, one of which was obviously a leader. After defeating them, they continued to the south-west.

There they found a single orc dressed as a torturer and two guards, with a group of six humans in cages. After a small bit of damage, the torturer surrendered (to the mockery of his guards).

The party finished at this point.

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