2012 04 04 Log

Attending: Joey, Amanda, Will, Jayna, Alex
XP reward: 204xp each
Gold reward: 50gp total (from innkeeper of Barrister's)

Rale, the innkeeper of Bannister's, paid the group to discover what had been blocking the regular trading expeditions from the lizardfolk encampment.

The humans were forbidden from slaughtering animals for meat, but Barrister's Bar had been using a loophole in the laws to trade with a nearby camp of lizardfolk for venison and other game.

A group of dwarven merchants had just arrived and wanted to get some "worthy food" from the human district, since the elven districts of Denport had been unable to provide them with the meat that they preferred.

Barrister wasn't able to provide them with much, but did provide them with 50gp and informed them that they should take this oppurtunity to use the money to trade with the lizardfolk and make a fair bit of money that way. He also suspected that whatever was blocking the trade route might also be a source of additional income for the party.

Wink Twinkle (I may have that name wrong), Amanda's character, had been spying on behalf of the elven council to ensure that the humans were not secretly raising cattle below ground, in order to satisfy their disgusting carniverous habits.

XXXXX (I know I don't remember the name, Will's character, was a dwarven druid sent to the shadow city in order to obtain food for the rest of the caravan.

The first thing the party encountered was a group of myconid workers, being directed by a larger myconid. At first, the myconids didn't react to the party, so the party attempted to sneak past them covered with the obscuring winds of Will's zephyr elemental. Unfortunately, the winds spread the spores of the myconids, who grew confused and agitated and attacked. The party was forced to eliminate the myconid attackers, and continued further.

Further along, the party traversed through a long corridor which had caustic, dripping green slime, which they all managed to avoid.

Finally, they managed to surprise a patrolling group of orcs and goblins, who attacked them shouting "For the glory of Trog!"

After defeating most of the group, one of the orcs surrendered and we ended the session at that point.

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