2012 03 28 Log

Attending: Joey, Alex, Jayna
Experience: 200xp

The party was contacted by the cultists of Eshvara Nox to "send a message, through whatever means" to a group of the children of elven nobles who had been causing havoc in the shadow city among the human population. The cult made it very clear that they were expecting the murder of the youths, and that the reward would be proportional to the amount of damage dealt.

The party constructed a plan where they would pose as free robotic servants given by a gnomish merchant, with Jayna masqueraded as the gnome with a disguise.

This plan did not go as expected, the butler Jeeves was unconvinced and would not permit them entry, even after several attempts.

The party instead decided to enter via the sewers, where they encountered a grey ooze which proved to be quite an obstacle. After a difficult fight, the party retreated up a ladder, to deal with the ooze later.

In the basement, they discovered two human men who had been captured by the elven troublemakers, and a cook in the kitchen of the elves. After talking with the cook, who hinted that she would feel no sorrow for the demise of her employers, they took the discretely dropped keys and freed the humans, whom they armed with kitchen knives.

Afterwards, they posed as kitchen servants and delivered the meal when they announced that the humans had escaped. When the elves rushed out to investigate, the party surrounded and attacked. The humans dealt with the lesser threats, and the party managed to defeat the elven noble before he fled.

The party returned to the sewers and finished off the ooze and returned to the cult for payment.

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