2012 03 21 Log

First session was entirely discussing the setting and brainstorming about character ideas. So far, we have no solid characters built, but a lot of people have a few concepts in mind.

  • Tim - considering playing a warforged fighter, with a view towards dealing damage (striker)
  • Alex - elf fighter, possibly also a striker
  • Jayna - ??? cleric (leader)
  • Talia - unknown
  • Mandi - tiefling wizard or sorcerer, probably also a striker
  • Joey - warforged wizard
  • Will - unknown

From this, Dan has determined that we need more detail on the Cyrinthian empire to give more background to the warforged and tiefling players. In addition, a fair bit of knowledge about the elven and eladrin conclaves. Also needed is more detail on the deities.

The "standard" roles in 4th edition combat are not going to be terribly stressed in this campaign, but currently it looks as if we have a leader, one or more controllers, and one or more strikers. We possibly have a defender, but possibly not.

Dan created the google group, and will fill out the wiki as time goes on.

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