Npc List

Blart - outfitter for caravans, Earth cultist, elder of the town
Grund - half-orc simpleton, makes pickles, told to do errands by various important people in town, (Cheri's characters) cousin.
Selene - halfling, also outfits wagons, three sons,
Flum - Mushroom Queen in caverns under the town. Ally/Associate of Deep Thought. Helped save a boy who had been sacrificed by Earth cultist.
Deep Thought - Borvik's patron.
Veraxus - Dragon currently protecting the town of Redlarch
Amalia - Sister-in-law to Blart, Priestess of Pholtus

Earthquakes in the town in the past, Cheri helped save people
"Shadow Council" name used in Blart's office to intimidate him
Visions in dreams of an elderly human male, occasionally about to speak to people. Storm clouds on horizon. Multiple elves planning for oncoming storm.
Storms coming from Amedio Jungle, in Hepmonaland
Need to travel to Furyondy to protect caravan

Mab: queen of the unseelie court/winter court, member of the Order of Daghda, one of the Tuatha de Dannan (the "Gods" of the fey.)
Maeve: princess
Horned King: king of the winter court

Greenest: town near the Vesve forest that made a pact with the Fey, which had someone break said pact
Denethor Feyfoe - Woodcutter who broke pact

Schmee: goblin that accompanied the party

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