Character Summaries


Character Player Class/Levels/Other Notes
??? Billiam ???
Barold Nurnur Cameron Human Ranger (6) Hunter path
Evee Cheri Half-orc barbarian
Little Ozzy Buttons Chris sorcerer
Borvik Dave Half Elf Fighter(1)/Warlock (4)
Theron Pat Paladin
Olo Dragoon Scott Halfling Rogue (3)

Barold Nurnur was a thief cast out of his tribe days before they were sneak attacked and wiped out. He is in search of a redemption that is no longer possible so he is trying to make the name of his tribe go into the history books. And he could but for his love of scotch, scotchy scotch scotch.

Borvik has olive skin, slightly elven facial features, green eyes, black hair and barely pointed ears. He is slim and wiry, inheriting most of his build from his elven parent. His height is 5'3" and weight is 118lbs. He keeps his hair short and has a perpetual 5 O'clock inherited from his human parent. He keeps his clothing clean and his weapons, armor and equipment is well cared for. (Imagine Bruce Lee in scale mail with Indiana Jones stubble and hat.)

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