Gaming Policies

Players / Characters

  1. Quorum will be 50% or more of the players
    1. A group of 4, this would have been 2 players present (2 missing)
    2. A group of 5, this would be 3 players present (2 missing)
    3. A group of 6, this would be 3 players present (3 missing)
  2. The DM still is a "weak link"
    1. Possiblity: Designate a "secondary game" with a "secondary GM"?
      1. Difficulty: If the games don't regularly switch, then the secondary game loses cohesion
    2. Possibility: One shot games run on occasion, even just to give the regular GM an occasional chance to play
      1. At least one player would have to be prepared to step into this role, and have ideas and perhaps materials.
    3. Possibility: Spread malicious rumors about primary GM to prevent his regular life from being a problem.
      1. Example: The DM steals office supplies to sell on the black market and then blows the money on drugs which he sniffs from the back of zoo animals.
  3. Players that are missing are still played.
    1. The player will arrange to either have the DM or another player run the character.
    2. The sheet should be made available before hand.
    3. If nothing is arranged, the DM will assume no preference and chose someone.
    4. The character will still earn experience
    5. This will only happen for one, maybe two sessions.
  4. Players that are inactive will be left "at the inn", a chosen safe location that will make sense in the current game.
    1. While "at the inn" the player will not earn experience.
    2. An active player can leave his current character "at the inn" in order to try a new character out.
    3. The "safe location" does not necessarily mean that it will be free of evil GM influence, who might use a character "at the inn" as part of a plot.
    4. The character will, however, be able to be played again when the current plot could reasonable accommodate the reintroduction.
  5. New characters start at the same level as the lowest active party member.
    1. This applies to both new players making new characters
    2. Existing players making a new character
    3. Reintroducing a previously inactive character who was "at the inn."

Location, Location, Location

  1. We will designate a "primary" location
    1. The primary location is where we will assume that we game every week.
    2. If a situation comes up where the primary location is unavailable, we will receive notice ahead of time, and pick the next location available.
    3. Hopefully those notifications will be during the previous week's sessions.
      1. If prior notice was unavailable, it will be the responsibility of the host to contact all of the players or clearly delegate the responsibility to another player.
  2. We will designate a "secondary" location.
    1. Same information as the primary, only less frequently such.
  3. The failsafe location shall be Pandemonium games.
  4. Contact information should be available for all players by all other players, to maximize the word being spread
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