Dungeon Fantasy

We have just started our new Dungeon Fantasy game, trying to stay as close to the DF rules provided by Steve Jackson games.

Originally, the setting of the DF game was unspecified… but as time has gone on, I have imported more and more of the Isidec setting into the game. At some point, I should move these pages and the Isidec pages to be one entity.

The setting within Isidec is prior to the events that caused the human empire to be defeated by the combined forces of the elves and the trog forces. However, the events that lead up to that will be brewing within the time of the game. If the party is lucky, they might see some of the warning signs during the game.

The following pages are currently available:

Session Logs
House Rules
Character Summaries

Isidec Rough History

NPC List
Deities and Religion

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