The Church Of The Coin


The Church of the Coin needs a lot more details, including the name of their God.

So far, though, the party has used them for their healing needs. A price list is below: (discounts can be had by having contacts within the church)

Goods and Services

Currently, all prices are listed with full price. There will be a way of lowering the price of goods and services provided by the church.

Minor Favors

The following services can be purchased from the church in exchange for minor donations. (Details: $5/energy point for items up to 10 energy points, or basically anything that doesn't require a group of casters or ceremonial magic, with some GM magic here and there.)

Service Price
Awaken $5
Minor Healing $15
Cure Disease $20
Major Healing $20
Neutralize Poison $25
Cleansing $30
Instant Neutralize Poison $40
Dispel Possession $50
Stone to Flesh $50

Major Favors

The following services are much more expensive, and it would be expected that the party would be able to undertake a quest in order to reduce the necessary donation to receive the service. (Details, $50/energy point, these are the things that require ceremonial magic and circles of casters.)

Service Price
Restoration $1,500
Great Healing $2,000
Regeneration $2,000
Remove Curse $2,000
Instant Restoration $5,000
Instant Regeneration $8,000
Resurrection $30,000
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