Billmage's Log: 2009 11 15

(Written on paper in journal between research notes)

Carl (feel free to replace name, this is the librarian in the city)
mentioned that he had no more books on magic. Too bad as I have made a
lot of progress in the school of Necromancy since finding this one book.
The guys and I are going out again to do something-or-the-other,
hopefully I find another book on a different school.

Gornok seems to be getting along better than I was
led to believe in town. He hasn't caused any issues. The guys seem to
blow things out of proportion.

Time to go, Jayden is saying we need to leave.

Ok, I'm back. This was interesting, turns out that necrolisys only sets
in after the life energy completely leaves the body. This must be why I
can bottle up the life energy for future use … Professor Hill at the
academy would be interested in learning this.

I wonder why the rest of the guys are reluctant to use this bottled up
life energy to replace what they used?

That was simply amazing … a portal to a pocket plane. The inhabitants
were friendly, we were able to play catch with energy balls. They seem
harmless, too bad the rest of the guys didn't think to have fire
resistance, else they could have participated. Sometimes I have to
wonder about how little they bring to the table, so limited in their
roles. I think the only one with potential to grow is (Tony's character)
as he has some skills in the magic arts. Too bad he is limited to what
his deity grants him.

Oh — so the mephits were able to play and were actually pretty well
behaved, didn't burn anything I asked them not to. They want to leave
their pocket plane and return to their home plane. Sounds like an
interesting dilemma.

The notes I have about these pocket planes look like something I will
want to try. Unsure if this will lead me down a path of creating a new
portal or closing the existing ones, but either way, it will be
interesting experiment.

I made a copy of these for Carl, hopefully the addition of some magical
writings will spur him into acquiring more for me to peruse.

Another portal to a pocket plane. I must find this wizard's grimoire.
This time, the people were air sprites. They seemed dizzier that the
mephitis, but I guess that is their nature. Jaden asked to be protected
as well, so she could participate in discussions. We didn't learn
anything though.

Jaden made the suggestion that I turn myself into iron. I needed to
point out that if I would have done that, the lightning that the air
sprites were tossing to each other would have targeting me. Sigh … I
don't think she knows much about meta-physical manifestations of magical
energy. I guess that's because she spends so much time looking for cats.

Magic writings on the door. Luckily, they thought to bring it to my
attention before opening it … apparently, they didn't think of that
the last two times and set off a magical trap. When I saw the symbols
Thurisaz, Algiz, and Laguz, it was obvious that this was a door
protecting the gateway to water. HAH! These guys wouldn't know the
difference between Thurisaz indicating transformation versus tension …
as if the inclination of the third stroke of the rune didn't make it
clear as day. What DO they teach kids now-a-days in school.

Having seen two magical portals into pocket dimensions, I didn't want to
open this one, as at present, I don't know enough about the mechanics to
see anything. Plus, I don't know the protection spells needed to
safeguard myself against cold, however, I have an idea.

Major breakthrough … I think that the enemy wants to make another
portal, this time of earth. I woke the rest of the party up to tell them
of this find. For some reason, they seemed to have already made this
discovery. They amaze me at times, they don't know simple runic patterns
and spell rituals, but they can figure out things like this.

Found some (insert monster name here) plumage, I remember Professor
Hill's comment on the difficulty in acquiring these. I had no problem
with it; the birds fell quite easily to my stunning spells.

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