2009 12 27 Log Jayden

(Early morning entry)
Bill has definitely understood the lesson about sublty but has much to learn in regards to interacting with people. Having coaxed him into helping the town which had shunned his teachings and aid, Bill inadvertently repels our new druid friend with his description of our exploits, including "killing birds, chopping down trees and eating mushrooms". Maybe he would understand if I described it in terms of an uncouth person burning magic books and destroying artifacts and other magical aids.

(Next day)
The "Dark" druid warned Reginald and our party off from pursuing him any further. Needless to say, this only strengthened our resolve.

We approached the keep and determined that the magical sponge was again in place. In various manners, we lured the enemy out into the open and slew them. The fodder withdrew into the keep. While Bill cast a spell to create a doorway into the side of the keep, a portal opened up overhead and a heavy boulder fell through. Fortunately, the spell was cast without interruption and Bill was not severely injured. We found ourselves in a stairwell, with ogres and goblins outside one door and our Dark druid entering the other invisible to our eyes.

Bill cast another door into the ceiling, which was diverted by the dastard so that we found ourselves in a cell within the keep. Gornok applied due force and we were freed. Exploring the passage to the right and sloping downward, we found another camp of lizard people. Upward and to the left was the courtyard. Under the stealth of night, I crept to the enemy's lair and searched for the device blocking the magic, to no avail. I returned to kill him outright and made the simple, and fortunately for me, not deadly, error of not checking for traps. I managed to wound him before he teleport away but did loot his transporting doorknob.

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