2009 12 27 Log Billmage

{Written on paper in journal between research notes)

Hmmm … I made a major breakthrough in my social interactions today …
Apparently, other people have feelings BEFORE the use of my Emotional
Control spell. These feelings seem to be evoked through responses to
words and actions. This "subtlety" thing Jaden has been trying to convey
to me, appears to be nothing more or less than withholding or falsifying
information/actions to prevent a negative response. I verified my
hypothesis with the druid, having started with giving a factual account
of our exploits (shutting down the portal, preventing it from reopening,
defending ourself versus the birds, etc) without thinking of how he
might percieve these self-same actions … Later, after noticing his
lack of gratitude for our saving his realm, it occurred to me that if I
had stated things differently, he might have responded better … I
tried this out by actively engaging him in conversation, to which he did
not rebuff me instantly like he had previously done. I wonder if subtely
can be used to influence people towards thinking my way, instead of just
sparing their feelings …. I shall have to talk with Jaden about this.

But, I digress … Our missions today was to defeat a shadowy mage who
had entered (tony's character's) room. We tracked him to his keep which
was virtually impregnable, that is … To mundanes …
With a simple create door spell, we made our entrance. The priest and
warrior kept people off of me while I made some more doors, to expedite
our exploring. The mage seemed to have been expecting that, as we
appeared in a dungeon, warded by anti-teleportation glyphs. It appears
that in addition to disenchanting glyphs, the liberal application of
metal can be used to erase it.

The elder spawn was no match for my overpowering magery, as my fireblast
tore him in two. Jaden found some interesting magical notes, which we
shared with Carl the librarian.

Having liked the protection that Jaden's new armor gave her, the rest of
the party decided to acquire something similar … It will be
interesting to notice if this has any real affect on our level of
protection. One thing I have learned from my studies, is that the
tougher the heroes are, the tougher the enemies until the heroes pass on
or retire.

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