2009 12 24 Log Jayden

We set out on the Barron's errand to enter the King's tournament and challenge, thereby winning the boon. We encountered a group of bandits posing as King's men exacting a toll for using the road. Several goblins foaming at the mouth sprang out of nowhere (literally, as they were invisible to that point) and attacked Gornok, who discharged them easily, with the archers in the trees cheering each combatant. Bill negotiated with the spellcaster and persuaded the alchemist (what luck!!) to join us, bound by an oath and spells of loyalty. We've set him up in the storage room with the alchemy lab and his zombies. I am not limited to the items that I carry on me, as Orly is capable of making "one-shot" dirty concotions at the time of use. Oh the possibilities!

We travelled on to a town on the "borders" of the South. Gornok caused much consternation and simmering hostility until Bill used his abilities over emotions to sway the crowd, while in his Bard role. I took the opportunity to purchase garbs more in line with the local fashion. The tailor was very skilled and relished the chance to create me a male disguise hidden beneath my skirts. How fortuitous that the southern fashions call for both men and women to wear frivolous shirts. The tailor also created several outfits suitable for Gornok to blend in with the "locals" in terms of his costumes but I dispare of him wearing any save maybe the leather.

Bill has made progress in understanding the execution of being sublte, but the whole purpose eludes him. Sublty, along with stealth and concealment, are my tools-in-trade. Ahhh, maybe if I explain that, just as he would not announce what spell he was casting so that it could not be foiled, I rarely "show my hand" to any without great caution. Hopefully, there is time to teach him nuances before someone kills us…. We are residing at the Spitted Pig, an environment that I hope proves more congenial for Gornok, who is not concerned with placating almost anyone. While I doubt the guards believed Gornok is the mage of the party, I am concerned about Bill's safety, considering his skill with magic. And there is Reginald's errand to complete as well….

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