2009 12 24 Log Billmage

{Written on paper in journal between research notes)

My continued research into emotions and interaction between people is
starting to pay off. My cover as wandering minstrel seems flawless. I am
unsure why people say this is a tough profession as I picked it up with
just a couple days practice. In the bar where we stayed, I was able to
talk the owner into room and board for everyone in exchange for me
playing a few songs. This gave me a perfect opportunity to experiment
more with emotion control … It turns out that I can, over time,
instill in every member of the audience the feelings I want them to
have. Heh, mundanes are so simple.

Unfortunately, I learned that the mana in the area we are going to is
going to be substandard. Looks like I will have to put forth additional
effort for my spells, and will have to start using the words and motions
I learned at the academy. We suspect that the high levels of piety will
result in there being no issue for the cleric. I will need to write to
my old professor to see if he has learned of a way for a mage to tap
into another power source.

The second inn we went to, after arriving in the main city, I was unable
to sway the crowd's emotions, casting the spell would have taken too
much effort.

I am unsure why the party misled the guard into thinking that gornak was
the mage for the contest. I suspect subtlety, as it involved lying,
possible misdirection. I know that I am in the guise of a minstrel as
mages are not seen in the best of light, but one would suspect that
since we will be entering the contest, even the lowest of the mundanes
will catch on that gornak is not a mage and I am.

Ah well … I look forward to seeing our leader's plan.

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