2009 12 06 Log Billmage

(Written on paper in journal between research notes)

Apparently, there was some form of party going on last week. Jaden,
(tony's character, dave's character) enjoyed themselves while I was able
to study the magical notes that Carl acquired for me. Based on
information in them, I was able to learn to Purify Air … nothing big,
but this is one of the base Air spells which will open up more
possibilities for study.

When Jaden thought to ask me about the party, it was obviously the
remnants of an ancient druidic ceremonial magic ritual. The old style
allowed the participants to donate energy to fashion a protection spell
preventing extra-planar creatures from appearing. It seems like the
leader of the ritual stopped attending, so instead of it being
effective, it was empty. Mundanes … you'd think they would have just
gotten another leader.

Ah well …. not my problem, since I don't haven't met any extra
dimensional creatures.

Hmm, once of these days I will have to visit the mage who wrote these
notes. I could even use my new transportation spell …


Jaden wants to go to Guntsville to track down a druid. I wonder what she
has in plan with wanting to talk to a druid as she already knows a
wizard and a cleric. Time to leave, as she won't stop asking me if I am
ready to go … and honestly, I forgot my bedroll ONE TIME and yet she
keeps asking me if I remembered to pack it.

Wow … that was an interesting fight …. there was a portal to another
place, which had links to all four elemental planes (water, air, fire,
earth). Luckily (heh heh) we got there when we did as it started to spew
out mephitis from each plane. Tony's character went into the portal to
topple the small obelisks; Jaden had to save him for some reason. While
that was happening, I attempted a new spell that was only hinted at
based on the notes from the two mages. It permanently closed the portals
… I don't know how useful this will be, since really, how often does
one encounter planar portals?

Sidenote … with the amount of practice I have been doing casting these
spells … some seem to have gotten easier/quicker for casting … I
still need to fulfill the pre-reqs for these more powerful spells to get
them to work as often as my normal spells, but experimenting is cool.

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