2009 12 06 Log

Alternate logs: Billmage's log

Players attending: Bill, Miranda, Dave, Tony (5 points)

The town continued with their celebrations, which Tony found to be suspiciously like the ceremonies of the older druidic religion. Billmage was able to identify them as a ritual which would enable someone to cast a protection spell over the town. However, the others celebrated with the town, as new heroes to the townsfolk. Quite the change from their initial greeting!

They learned that the city had managed to pass the inspection by the king's inspectors and was celebrating some of the "forbidden" holidays. The original town was named "Caer Callo" and was only reluctantly maintaining the appearance of being a part of the King's kingdom, they were still holding onto their old traditions in secret.

They decided to return to Guntsville, to see if they could enlist the aid of the only friendly druid that they know, the caretaker of the crushrooms. While they were there, they would be able to reunite with the men-at-arms that had promised their services to the party.

On the road, they were ambushed by a group of elemental creatures that had been summoned. The party made short work of the elementals, but heard a ruckus of birds off of the trail. The spent a few moments to catch their breath and then gave chase. (also easily avoiding inexpertly placed pit traps)

When they arrived, they saw a mind-twisting site of five glowing pillars surrounding a shimmering portal. One of the portals floated disturbingly above the pillar. Something about the placement of that clearing did not seem right. Billmage identified the portals as being for each of the elements, including "Void." The pillars were also covered in symbols denoting "Sisrak."

When one of the pillars would glow, the portal would bring in creatures from the element that it corresponded to. The creatures would stand there confused until suddenly they would seem to be controlled and compelled to attack the party. Jayden did manage to convince some of the mephits to return through the portal, but some of the other creatures would mindlessly attack the party.

Billmage started to cast a spell to "control gate" the portal, but it turned out that the entire clearing was a gate of its own. Whenever Reginald went towards the water portal, he instead was teleported into a great circular room filled with water where the pillar was much larger than the 10 feet that it seemed to be from outside of the clearing. Jayden helped Reginald out, while Bill attempted to close the portal.

After a short struggle between Billmage and the person who summoned the portal, Billmage triumphed and closed the portal which brought the entire clearing into being. He had the feeling that it had taken great energy to bring that clearing to where it was.

The party continued to Guntsville onto to see new changes had happened, the town was now named "Gaer Gawyn" and one of their men-at-arms was the new proprietor of the inn. He hesitantly asked if they still expected him to provide a year's worth of service, since he had a good thing going as being an innkeeper.

The other mercenary was still eager to provide his sword (should he be provided one), if the party wanted it. It also seemed that the town no longer had a mayor, but instead had a city council which made all the decisions. The merchants in the town comprised the council, including the merchant that they had saved from the dungeon.

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