2009 11 8 Log

Character points awarded: 3

Gornok is lured out of the common room by a doppelganger and then was enslaved. Reginald and Bill were lured from their room but encountered 2 Jayden's en route to the stables. Bill cast "loyalty" spell on both and continued onward to the ambush. Jayden, now much more loyal than necessary, followed Bill.

The ambush was overcome and the party continued on to make the Baron aware of the plot. With an entourage from the King expected, Gornok was asked to remain in his room and fed and aled to placate him.

Reginald and Bill met with Church of the Coin and undertook quest to find out more. An arrangement was made so that the party has a credit with the Church of the Coin, which was used to purchase +1 defense to all and a custom "….all I got was this stinking tabard" tabard for Bill.

The party followed the lead on the bandits and encountered a flying cat-man. Bill and Reginald learned to move away from the edge of the forest where they were frequently ambushed.

The Church of the Coin gave the party a 2000 credit. The party spent 100 each for the +1 to DR; Bill ordered the custom tabard with a special effect for 70 and the party bought a Balm of Regeneration for 900, leaving a 580 credit.

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