2009 11 29 Log Jayden

Fleur Du Lac had a celebration in full swing when we got back from our encounter. Reginald and I head to the Church of the Coin while Gornok stopped to drink and eat. Upon reflection, we should have stayed with Gornok since everyone was at the celebration until mass hysteria over Gornok's presence sent everyone into hiding. Fortunately, Gornok didn't do any major damage in response. The Castellan apologized for the confusion. We shared the information we learned with the Castellan and he indicated that training his guardsmen in tactics for encountering the Ogres would be appreciated. We participated in the celebration and learned that the Baron's territory is "Caer Callo".

Reginald met with his religion's liaison, Osrik, and learned more about the sacrafical dagger. In exchange, he was given a holy symbol (+5 FP rechargeable; w/1 FP to start).

We spoke with the Bishop and learned that the holy symbol had the Elder god "Sissrak" (Sis-rack), a god of elemental chaos. He also told us that we may be able to use artifacts, such as something holy from Reginald's diety or a draught from the organs harvested from <mob_name_here>.

Bill spent most of his time in the library. We spent 3 days assisting Reginald training the guardsmen in mace attacks. I even trained the group in "The Jayden". Teaching others was enjoyable. I think I see my retirement plans… During this time, Reginald cast Bless on the party to prepare us for our next encounter.

This evening, the keep was attacked by humans and Ogres. When attacked, the target would shimmer and vanish! Reginald cast Suspend Magic which removed the illusionary mobs. The human spellcaster teleport himself away from the fray. Gornok earned the respect of the guards with his herculean efforts, so much so that they got him drunk in appreciation!

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