2009 11 29 Log

Alternate logs: Jayden's log

Attending: Dave, Miranda, Tony (4 points)
Absent: Bill (3 points)

The party returned to Fleur Du Loc bloodied and with the corpse of the strange elder thing slung over Gornok]'s shoulder. When they arrived, they split up and left Gornok to attend the festivities while the rest went to talk to the Church of the Coin.

Gornok walked over, dropped the now headless corpse, and sat down at table while people stared in horror at the terrifying brute that was joining them. The drunken guards that were attending the festivities walked over and attempted to chase him away by poking him with a sword. Gornok attempted to take the sword from the guard, who fumbled in his attempts to hold onto it and managed to injure himself slightly.

At this, panic set in and everyone fled the festivities in fear for their lives.

Meanwhile, the group inside of the town wandered around the mostly deserted town. They found that the Church of the Coin had only acolytes tending to the Church. They would be able to provide minor services, but not the answers that the group was seeking. They informed Reginald, however, that a missionary from his church was present in the city.

When they came back outside, they ran into a rush of fleeing townsfolk. In an effort to avoid being trampled, they ducked into a nearby building and waited for the crowd to disperse.

Outside, Gornok set up a table to shield himself from the arrows being rained upon him by the guardsfolk. He managed to get a spitted pig roast and a small cask of ale behind a table and hunkered down for a decent meal.

Inside of the town, Jayden and Reginald saw the guards on the walls and went up to convince them to stop firing upon their friend. One of them escorted them to the captain of the guard, with a promise that they wouldn't fire any more arrows. The captain of the guard verified with the Castellan that the party was in fact working with the town's best interests in mind, and with that confirmed, apologized for the confusion. He also explained how it looked to his men, and how the party should make sure to send word to the captain of the guard whenever they returned to town to avoid any future problems.

He also asked if the party could spend some time training his men, seeing as their arrows and attacks proved ineffective versus Gornok. He was concerned that a future attack from a similarly formidable foe would be too much for his guards.

Reginald finally met up with the missionary from his Church who was named Osric. He explained how the city, formerly known as Caer Callo, still had deep ties to "the old ways" a more nature-based religion. He also examined the dagger that the party had found and explained how it radiated an unholy energy and it would be of interest to the church. He offered a holy symbol in exchange, which was capable of storing divine energy. (Game effects: 5 point powerstone: recharges 1 point of divine energy reserves per day in a normal mana area, maximum of 5 points stored.)

The party spent the next few days training the men to better use their weapons. Meanwhile, Billmage spent his time in the library, studying a set of notes that was delivered by a nearby wizard (who lived in the old cliche of a tower nearby). The party also assisted the guards with watching the walls at night.

On the third night, while Gornok was on watch with the guards, a group of about twelve torches approached. It was a group of six men and six ogres! The leader of the men shouted out that they should lower the gate or things would be much worse for them. Needless to say, battle ensued. (While one of the men rushed off to alert the other party members and the captain of the guard.)

After a prolonged battle, the party managed to hold off the invaders. Most of them were illusions which the party defeated with a single blow, some of them were indeed ogres. And there was only one man in the group, who quickly turned invisible whenever he was hurt. Whenever the party (and the reinforcement guards) almost had all of the invaders defeated, they disappeared in a flash of light.

The guards cheered and offered to buy rounds of drinks for Gornok, who they saw as the hero of the battle. The party's troubles with their reputation in town were over!

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